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Behind the Project

Hi, I am Danielle!

I had the opportunity to work and live in Sierra Leone's southern province of Pujehun for three short months at the start of 2018. Within a few weeks I knew that I was somewhere immensely special and wished to devote more of my time and resources to the beautiful people of this country. 

Throughout my time there it was the relationships I built with the children that were, beyond a doubt in my mind, the most memorable and integral part for me. Regardless of language and cultural barriers, we always managed to play games, laugh, joke and smile. Seeing their genuine happiness brought so much hope to me. 

Every drive to clinic allowed me to see the conditions of the schools in the most remote villages, I saw so many of the children with limited supplies and torn up textbooks. And so the idea for this project seemed to present itself to me.

I strongly believe that by providing the means to improve upon the education for the children, the country will benefit as a whole. All children deserve quality education regardless of whether or not they were born in a big city or a remote village. 

Meaning of Pikin

In Krio, one of the more common languages spoken throughout Sierra Leone, 'pikin' means child, or children. So, The Pikin Project is really the children project, and we plan to always put our focus on the children first. 

Located in Sierra Leone

Rogers Barfuss

Rogers is my helping hand located in Sierra Leone, doing everything imaginable to help this project. He was the local in charge of the project that brought me to Sierra Leone and is currently living in Freetown continuing to work with Project Peanut Butter.