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*We are in the process of becoming a CA tax-exempt corporation*

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Where your money goes

Since we are a small operation, we can guarantee that your money is going directly to the cause. 

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Money Breakdown


Exchange rate is 1 USD to 8,875 Leones

Average cost of:

 - A typical meal bought in a small village is 5,000 Leones

 - Five small loaves of fresh bread is 10,000 Leones

 - 10 pack of composition notebooks is 10,000 Leones

 - Hemming of a uniform + fabric is ~30,000 Leones

 - 1 bag of rice enough to a family for ~3 weeks is 150,000 Leones

Most people don't make enough for basic needs

Some women work on the palm oil farms, making 10,000 per row of trees they clean.

Some sell food at the market where there are multiple vendors selling for the same shop.

A majority are farmers, whose income depends on the weather and livestock.

Distribution of goods

Depending on each school's needs, we spend time and money improving upon:

 - Availability and access to school supplies

 - Structural integrity of the buildings

 - Classroom essentials like chalkboards, desks, and chairs

Fundraising Goal

Because each school has different needs, it is difficult to produce the exact amount of money to raise per school. We determine the fundraising goal based on average costs of goods and the size of the school we are focusing on, with a baseline of $10,000 per project.